God From The Sky lyrics

Rating: 2.97
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Album(s)Medieval Rites

[Music & Lyrics : Alex COLIN-TOCQUAINE]
[Guitars / Vox: Alex COLIN-TOCQUAINE]
[Lead Guitars: James MURPHY]
[Bass: Joël GUIGOU]
[Drums: Kai HAHTO]

Ancient tales relate
Very strange facts
Far in the past
People have seen

Chariot of fire
Enlighting the sky
People from stars

Through planet earth
To find the truth
Of incredible sights
Fear of authorities
Deny access
To informations
Because it 'll change our way of life

Chariot of fire
Or flying saucers
A twisted vision
Or maybe they are
God from the sky


Ancient breed, spacemen, hallucination, a twisted vision
Chariot of fire, flying saucers, people from star,
Or maybe they are
God from the sky
[Lead: James MURPHY]

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