Salt Wound lyrics

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Yeah the nigga from the duece is back,and its on(x4)

Twenty four gone it's that nigga that went all the way nuts spent my time after the EP rippin up guts and now im back and I convert the straight slider enough,me talk me bout me nine millimeta meta fuckin that butt,so nigga once again out the mothafuckin cut,the nigga that got the refer eatin them fried nigga nut,what me talk bout me load my nine real fast,and hang them spine and dem liver guts up out that ass,i got the bomb,niggas that a back me up and in my palm a nine that a feed me gut no matter what nigga,i aint gonna lie i keep packin you know cuz everybody gotta die,plenty of niggas in the city of sac keep trippin,i told them mothafuckas im too old for crippin,but provin im down when my nine start clickin when i say im twenty four deep i aint bullshittin,nigga now,nigga now i thought it was known,leave a cannibal nigga alone unless you wanna deal wit a chrome,glock,i aint gonna stop,when im in the block me go pizatt wizatt pop pop pop,and den me bounce to the once of a green bud hit and what i'm not rollin up,nigga i'm servin it,twenty five years of livin dead already and it's still on,yeah twenty four gone

Is it that nigga that got that bum funkie,is it that nigga that got the bum funkie,so come twist one up(x4)

Yah it's the bomb,and now it's on to the full and my chromes on full and uh, i never knew true love,until i saw brains leakin cuz of a thirty eight slug but uh,i had to get that nine millimeta,somethin that a move a nigga back a centimeta,yah and you know it just don't quit,me sticka me nine in P Z B A B Y K I double L I N , G , plus i keep a nine for a nigga bout sixteen of em gotta be my own grave digga,believe me you see me wit a thing in my gut you gotta know it's a nine while i'm creepin in the cut,so nigga what,you know it's all good til i die,niggas got me rowdy while the triple six was in the county, stressin and i aint gonna lie, if i could take a twelve gauge and pop a narc up in the eye and get away i just might,trippin off a half of O,when all the niggas i know aint even down and got away wit a ho so nigga now you know,put the gat up in that ass and treat em like a ho,boom,told you now my nine aint shy and now im rollin up a fat ass joint,why,i wanna get high,twenty five years of livin dead already and its still on,yeah twenty four gone


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