Home on Christmas Day lyrics

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Artist(s)Bianca Ryan
Album(s)Christmas Everyday

Written by Walter Afanasieff and Jay Landers

And now that winter's here
Soon it will be Christmas.
I see your face so clear
Though you're far away.
Your home is in my heart,
It's every where I go
And I'll be waiting here
'Til you're home to stay

I think of Winters past
When we were together.
The sweetest memories
All come into play.
Your voice rings in my ear
Just to let me know
That you'll be here with me,
Home on Christmas day.

Angels calling from on high
Will bring a starry sky
To light the frosted ground below
So you will know
Your way back home tonight,
A candle burns so bright
To show the way.

I'll make a silent wish
Just for you this Christmas
To keep you safe and warm,
Never led astray.
That everywhere you go
Is sheltered from the storm
And that my Christmas wish
Is with you every day;
Each and every day.

Angels callin' down to say
They'll always know the way
To lift you 'til you soar so high
That I will see you
In the sky above
My Christmas gifts of love
Will guide you back.

And now I promise you
With all my heart this Christmas,
That all the love we shared
Will never go away.
Your spirit's everywhere
And I hope you know
That you are always here,
Home on Christmas day.
Home on Christmas day.

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