O Come Emmanuel (Remix) lyrics

Rating: 2.78
Song Details
Artist(s)Six Eight
Album(s)O Come Emmanuel

Featuring ShyGuy

Verse 1
O come, O come, Emmanuel, 

And ransom captive Israel, 

That mourns in lonely exile here

Until the Son of God appear.

Verse 2
O come oh lord we need you here
Inside the hurt the pain and the fear
Come rescue every lost and broken soul
Erase the past come make your presence known.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel.

Rap Verse 1
I’ve got reason to rejoice from the things I’ve seen greater days and better living now be given in me
Young men having visions and dreams being forgiven was the gift of the intimate king.
I praise him raise him cuz he rose up like he told us, I’m gonna wait and being faithful until he shows up
In a moment I’m going with him hoping that my brother and sister make it praying for every persecutor Martyr that couldn’t take it.
Facing the hatred cuz it’s hard as heck, so I’m lead by my spirit and let my flesh starve to death
God protect me if I fall you will catch me change my name until you call me a bless
My joy overflows when your spirit is on me, finding comfort in word forgive me I get cozy
If you hear a knock it’s me saying don’t forget me I’m praying that you come back quickly.

Rap Verse 2
I’m praying that you come back, new relief in the world that only chooses to combat
Fighting this warfare by prayer, cuz no peace is what I find here
We need a savior to save us cuz the way we behave only angers so righteous God I pray you change us
Going from troubles and danger to loving my brother and neighbor, I know you coming to take us to see
your glory at a higher height, I can only imagine what fine is like
Spreading my wings with the king now united in Christ I sit and dream about this finer life
But this dying world is in need of you, so open our eyes so we can see the truth and believe in you
Emmanuel God be with us and forever may we be with you let me be with you.

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