Beautiful lyrics

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Artist(s)Cadaverous Condition
Album(s)In Melancholy

"this is my heaven and this is my hell"
where are the depths that make me fall into
where is the walk that me me fall with you
where are the depths, at them I stare
where is the walk that made me dare
where are those impressions that I knew
now all I have are memories of you
where are those eyes, so near
where is sometime ago
I crucify my sadness
but just like Jesus it remains
I bury my tears
but I know the seeds are fertile
passion isn't everlasting
thoughts rise anyway
I set my memories on fire
will -o'- the wisps never guide a way
fifty five years ago a god departed
today another life for me has started
I drown in my own sorrow, revel in my mind
I let my tears rain down on me and say it's beautiful
the eyes, here and now and I die
filled with tears born in your eyes, I don't cry
delirium, on your side, pass away
oh please don't take it all away

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