Brothers lyrics

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Album(s)The Reunion

[Troy Outlaw]
Lets get this shit perculating son u know
Thugged Out entertainment coming at your motherfucking neighborhood
Know what I'm saying, like a theater near you
Troy Outlaw, Goldfingaz
Capone-N-Noreaga 2000 CNN you know how we doing
Thugged out entertainment taking over the motherfucking world
for the new millenium, know what I'm saying
Ya niggas can't fuck with this
Ya niggas can't stop this, ya niggas can't touch this
Ya niggas had better

Me and my dunn's thoughts divide like earth and the rain
I'm severed like Kevin Spacey and depth to the game
We the same in every aspect except for the chain
Connect 41-18 the bridge bang
I give the kidney, just so the lord will forgive me
And bring back mami and mambo, mano a mano
We poly over Chardonnay bottles,
Opposite like Felix and Oscar
Sign to the street like Carlos
We sway deeper than the shit through the speaker
I smoke grade A reefer
Up north sport away for the cesaer
Used to smuggle through the mess hall,
Blow a stiff circle in the yard
Be home now, stuck in our zone now
Can't take it from us, we run wit the corner
Nigga we stay dirty, you know, straight slum performers
A judge, then I'll ride for you,
Assist a slug then I'll die for you
I'm loyal, what nigga

[Chorus: Troy Outlaw + Goldfingaz]
[T] I bust a cap for my brother till death do us part
And for all my brothers that keep up, I'll show you love from the heart
[G] You and I we can die together, yo shit don't change
We'll always be thugs forever
[T] From the start playa haters tried to disconnect us
We too tight for that, we getting more cheddar
[G] But me and you we can die together
But me and you we can die together

Yo from harlon valley to greenhaven
We had these niggas thats Wes Craven
Never good never behavin'
Victor Santiago, and Kaya M Holly
You know how we do,
Catch a body then we go party
We used to be in billyway, church and jail
Me and capone smoke weed till I burnt my nail
I used to cut niggas faces
Smoke weed out of bible papers
The Knicks and the Lakers
See me with a Northface, facing the north
Drinking Schmirnoff and taking niggas face right off
N.O.R., and shit ain't really change that much
Except I smoke a Philly can't fuck wit her guts
I eat aunties food, the best in new york
Boneless chicken, and she don't cook no pork
I got some Chardonnay, nigga go and pop the cork
Me and Capone made up, everytime we fought


From out the dark into the lights on the streets
Slugs pop when slugs meet
Its death from the birth of the streets
Yo outlaw, hit me 1-6-0-9
Cock back and bust nines, this bitch nigga plotting on mom
My fam too, cuz god niggas body your crew
Bitches will never come between the life of two
And ain't nothin gonna change but my age
My attitude is deep, I get it from my peoples in graves

[Troy Outlaw]
Yo me and you go togetha like Tango and Cash
Like Capone-N-Noreaga like the weed and hash
We stick together like coke, like we still sell drugs
Bad seeds from the ghetto but we still get love
We just trying to make it, while other niggas fake it
We blow your cool like we chill now its time to take it
Like you never had it, you don't deserve it
Fake niggas getting jealous
But these hoes be giving cervix


[Troy Outlaw]
Straight like that, official thug niggas
Real niggas, know what I'm saying
Real niggas selling that crack
Busting their cap, know what i'm saying
Real niggas don't cry
Niggas do time know what i'm saying
You know how we do, stick to the motherfucking ghetto
Fuck you, fuck your crew, fuck your girl too
Know how we do, CNN once again, you know

Fuck all ya muthafuckers out there, don't want nothin
Thugged Out in this shit forever, QBC nigga
most wanted, ya know
Fuck ya niggas

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