Don't Know Nobody lyrics

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Album(s)The Reunion

Yo, yo, yo, I'ma have to stand up
Take game, I got grabbed up
Asking me questions, interogating
The way the hatin, they just remind me of satan
Keep em motivating, police asking questions about this and this
I don't know shit, and hell no, I don't know 5 or 6
I'm confined to a small room
I celly off to my beeper, thought I had to sues
And the headache, was the feelings for me and my crew
To take impostas, impalas and black sues
Big boys, and LL cues
I'm thinking like deep cover
I'm in too deep, like Donnie Brasco
Who could be the asshole
I make sure the motherfucker don't last long
Roll to the castle where my niggas be, triggers be
Blowin they backs out, they felt the misery
And the decision be, spill coffee
Who's on the beats I can't be locked up
They had evidence, make the scenery all dense
But it's Ok my lawyer will approach the bench

I don't know nobody, and I ain't seen shit
Thats the way it is, you try to lock me up
Put me in cuffs, motherfucker handle your biz
Cause I don't know nobody, and I ain't seen shit
That's the way it is, you try to lock me up
Put me in cuffs, motherfucker handle your biz

Pop, they caught me off guard
I was stuck the beat shit fucked
I went down to my knees
And put out the trees
I sat down on the benches
He snuck his dog on my five senses
All I could hear was a walky talky saying I got em
I'm asking the charge, yeah you know he shot em
We biscuit printed plus your first henes borrowin
I ain't heard nuff yet, next day daily news read
Murder suspect, 19, down in Queens
Day of rainment where he had slim chance to win it
Two asses from bail so they gave glances
It's Friday, had to lay for the weekend stretch
First thing, Monday morning, calling for street connects
Man I forgot the machine they callin for
Fuck a message all they need is it playin back
I'm confined a 8 by 12 flat
With bums niggas who sell crack
Flippin off the the world


It's like 4 in the morning and the crib sleeping easily
My dogs got me off feet face me slow down
I'm like what the fuck the deal
He's like the shut the fuck up
We got evidence, we know the deal
They got tape confessions of your man
Whiping out your man
Key witness to the stands
I should have played yours
The moving bar to my moms get the news to bar
Same time Jake taking me out
Same line gonna try and fake me out
Sitting in the van pointing face out
Soon as I hit the plan, the course going close the plan
Take em out, take em out, before the court day out
I won't say, but by tomorrow, I'm out
Nothing to say follow snitch
Lay low, and hollow him out
And pones is wilding too
Niggas like Maze got the same time as you

Walking down a half dee, snatch me up
Little g's no pad
These niggas gonna cuff me up
On stayed in the back so he could scuff me up
Blows from the walky talky, gonna fuck me up
Asking me about shit I knew, but won't tell
Just you and Baby D, ain't nobody depending on me
Saying if I won't talk, I'll wait in the cell
They got evidence to leave me in jail
There's no time for this shit
Just sign the statement
If you snitching, you won't have to say shit
Reverse pyschology, he trying to lie to me
He try to pin me for murder
And a string of robberies
Plus you a ex-con send me to the book
Cause press on
Cash and bonds, they won't last very long
I know they frontin, they got nothing on me
I ain't saying shit, why these niggas saying something

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