Bootsee lyrics

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Album(s)In a Major Way

Bootsee let me define it you can rewind it after I finish spittin'
Now I want you to tell me if you know somebody in yo town that fit the description
A sucka, a ignorant mothafucka
One of them show boatin' high sidin' want to get some attention type nagas
Just as flashy but bitches be askin me
If they can borrow a couple of bucks until tuesday
Pleases that man go say no man be tryin to play Captain Save A Hoe
Gettin marked by all them sneaky caniving ass set up hoes
You see bootsee is that ol' nigga with that ol' gold around his neck
Gold around his muthafuckin house, gold around his muthafuckin pet
Got everybody in the town thinkin' he sittin' nice on at least 20 ki's
But bootsee ain't movin nothin but half thangs
Straight fuckin with some of y'all niggas domes
Braggin and boastin, How can I make this shit look clean
Y'all really want to know who the man behind the fat sack well lookie here
Sho nuf ain't bootsee boss and thats for sure
Cuz bootsee be frontin himself off y'all niggas just don't know
The ones you least expect you know them square ass niggas in your city
They be the ones who have a grip , they be the ones who be sittin pretty
Instead of tryin to be super to start a fuckin track man
What a nigga really need to do is sit back and straight stack man
Cuz I've been on this Earth for 3 and some odd months man
Trippin off how these niggas out here be straight transforming
Laughing and smiling, loving and hugging a brother grinning
Turn around and talk behind your back the next minute
Bitch we call him bootsee

Let me define it you can rewind it after I finish spittin
But what about bootsee
It be them bootsee muthafuckas in your town that's always game
It be them bootsee muthafuckas in your town that's always game
bootsee is that busta with in no gizame,
with in no gizame, with in no gizame

You's a loud talkin runnin off the mouth deeck
Wishy washy be puttin yourself on front street
Sloppy grindin, failizing, bitch buying pussy licka
That's what hella heads be sayin about that bootsee nigga
And ah
In case some of y'all ain't knowin this
Do to do almost anything to be noticed
Like ah
Pull out his whole bank account and dang near everything he owns
And ah
Tell everybody in the hood that he got a chip in his phone
And how the fuck you gone be about you scratch when you gossip like a
And all them fools know where your stash be at
That ain't no sharp shit
Nigga that's that hoe shit
Potna just keep on doin what you do and watch your perv get peeled
Ridin around here loose stickin out dumb like a soar thumb
Nigga tell the truth
Don't have a gun but I need one
You want to come up quick in this old shit so you can get it
But how the fuck you gone make your revees givin out credit
To tweakers, droamers, drifters, leftovers, geekers, zombies
Folks that steal from they mommies
When I was doin my thang I had strategy main
Sellin' that “white girl” you should have seen me main
You would have been proud of yo nigga cuz I was briliant wid it
I snuck in and snuck out without slippin in it
Get what you need out the game and sit your ass down
Invest your money in some thangs and start clockin' pal


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