Lori Meyers lyrics

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Album(s)Punk in Drublic

Lori Meyers used to live upstairs
Our parents had been friends for years
Almost every afternoon we'd play forbidden games
At nine years old there's no such thing as shame
It wasn't recognition of her face, what brought me back was a familiar mark
As it flashed across the screen
I bought some magazines, some video tape scenes
Incriminating acts, I felt that I could save her
Who are you to tell me how to live my life
You think I sell my body; I merely sell my time.
I ain't no Cinderella, I ain't waitin' for no prince
To save me in fact until just now I was doin' just fine
And on and on
I know what degradation feels like
I felt it on the floor at the factory
Where I worked long before, I took control now I answer to me
With 50K I'll make this year will go anywhere I please
Where's the problem

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