Going Legit lyrics

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Album(s)Melvin Flynt - Da Hustler

Now tell em to step up into the life of a gangster
Cause there is a difference between me and the other rappers
Other rappers talk about what their friends did
And what their friends saw
IM talking about what I did, and what I saw, smell me
So it go a little some like this, check it out
Aha, yo, yo, yo..

Verse 1: Noreaga

Yo if I had my choice I woulda been rhyme
I woulda been told niggaz that I coulda shine
A Yo Boricua, Pueto Rica, 100 miles IM running
IM just a nigga for life, straight from, Iraq, just living my life
No tattle tell, he did it, she did it
Why u snitch on grown men, and snitch on kids
Yo my ice go, platinum grenade for show
Tell what Go tell your little stink ass hoe
So what I got Dou, she ain't going get nothing Dou
I rock the Shirlock home brand, made with Timberlands
Cars ain't nothing now, straight fronting now
I crash one get another one fuck it now
Spanish (ten cuidao te dejo plotao)(degracio, degracio)
What, (que que que que) what...

Chorus (repeat 2x)

Who woulda thought this n-o-r making these hits
Who woulda thought this, my niggaz making it rich
Who woulda thought this; always in and out some shit
Who woulda thought this, my niggaz making legit

Verse 2: Noreaga

A Yo the movie called thugged out
End thug out, by thug out, for thugged out
You live a day in my life and just buggout
I used to live in 5e by the drug house
It was a reign and we all got paid
Cause when the crack house closed
Yo you open your stage, yellow
Bags and green tops, I got mean rocks
Selling crack buying out all the weed spots
I had doe but I still was mad
Back then, national, Willie was my cab
I was hated in the hood Yo by all the mothers
I used to, deliver food Yo my six brothers
Robbing Chinese food man, me and my crew and
Raster boys saying u,s a rude men, I grew up foul
But now ill improved that, did it for my daughter
And my little man...

Chorus (repeat 2x)

A Yo I came up, what what, making it happen
For rapping in the corner the posy we going platinum
Niggaz doubting me duo, cause I was Latin
A nigga Rican speaking for all my Puerto Ricans
Dominicano, Peruvian, and Chicano
We in the same boat, a Yo we all sell the same coke
Getting bag in the pins with the same coke
I love my niggaz and my niggaz love me
You get lock, and get bailed like 1-2-3
Bartolina at the side Yo is your attorney
Clap niggaz clap, clap (clap) Yo case dismissed
Tell the judge kiss your ass, dumb ass bitch
Animal bud, animal thug, animal blood, Yo
Show my niggaz like animal love..

Chorus (repeat 2x)

Who woulda thought that shit uh
Spanish (maricone tan frontiando como si hicieron algo
En su vida, nunca hicieron mierda, por mi mai que lo odio
Te lo juro pai, hijo e gran puta, sopla pipi chupa panti
Que se vallan par carajo, jala lo parta la madre de lo tomate
Sinverguensa.. He he he he
Que Que Que Que

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