If You Want It lyrics

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Album(s)Melvin Flynt - Da Hustler

I guess it's my turn again, so I'mma do it again 3X

Chorus 2X: Noreaga
If you want it, you can get it
Is you wit it, say what, what, what, what

I guess it's my turn again, so I'mma do it again
Film flap with different languages, and bottles of gin
I hear the crowd say what what, support my ass
I hear the crowd say what what, and shake they ass
Get a jump off, jumped off, and bounce with me
Say what Why don't y'all just bounce with me
Yo why don't everybody bounce with me
Niggas bounce, ladies bounce, just bounce with me
Meet me at the hotel, smoke a ounce with me
Heard you holla holla, so I holla back
I heard this cat got a track, said I'm weak in my rap
How could stupid say that, when I brought him back
He need to slow down, and get off that crack
Aiyo, he ain't a thug and he never was
I had beef with his hood, where the hell he was
Yo forget that though, let's play tic tac toe
I throw the mic in the crowd when I'm whippin the show
I throw the mic in the crowd when I'm rippin the show

Chorus 2X

Yo let me do it like one more time, one more time
Get the crowd hype like one more rhyme
Man listen, I'm just tryin glisten
Yo fresh off parole, straight outta prison
Get a green in the crib, yo, to revive me
Huh, every other day when I'm feelin grimy
Proud to be home, rock diamonds grown
If you don't believe ask Lil' Jerome
I did songs with Keith Sweat to R. Kelly
Me, Mya and Raekwon, video for Belly
Pun and Joe, Nas and Nature
Me, Bus, Cam, and the Lox made prettier knots
We got people's that's connected, while ya got half knots
The only gang you connected to is Neighborhood Watch
So what what, keep the motivation
Fuck you nigga, and the Tenants Assosiation

Chorus 2X

Keep ya shit together, yo ya things attached
Yo ya lyrics is hot, ya hooks is wack
Check Feds magazine, see me cover the back
Yo I outpar Rich Porter, AZ, Gangsta Lou
And that nigga Tone Capone
O.T., yo you know nigga phone on roam
Gangsta shit, watch when 'Pone come home
Fuck them other niggas, other niggas shoot them own
Rather shoot myself, then shoot my clone
Make them suck the gun nigga, suck on chrome
On ya mark get set go, yo now you can run
Fuck the Presidente/President Day, I got the platinum one
I'm like Kiko from the pub, yo I pour you a drink
Now assassin in your cup, and you ain't even think

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