Gangsta's Watch lyrics

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Album(s)Melvin Flynt - Da Hustler

Verse 1: Noreaga

Yo I got coke for y'all niggaz, dope for y'all niggaz
Hoes for y'all niggaz, shows for y'all niggaz
My StarTec niggaz, Motorola outed
Zone coaster, hold my dick on a poster
Smoke weed now til its a little roacha
I'ms a fiend gotta have that hydro green
Flip on hoes the bitches try to say that I'm mean
Stuck up aiyyo my chain gleam down to my nuts
Buying kids some cris, neva buy no cups
I thought I told y'all putos straight sucios
My niggaz buy guns and sell em in the studios
Shootin in the hood lay where I'm at
It's too hot out there can't even go to Iraq
Police knowin what went down ya cat done rat
I don't know who to trust, aiyyo plus infact
strange things go on everytime that it's on
Yo niggaz foldin, some holdin still rollin
I'm in the game kid til the game decease
I have million niggaz hearts right on the street yo
It's all gangsta their team straight pranksta
The antenna on my TV still a hanger
Ghetto celeb, SPK right on the web
Niggaz ride bikes and ride on past
I say WHAT yo niggaz ride bikes and ride on past...

Chorus (repeat 2x)

Yo bring it back kid to where you got your props
Have y'all niggaz in the back say fuck the cops
How it's all the same game kid yo in Queens and Watts
Yo it's gangsta, watch the Gangsta Watch

Verse 2: Noreaga

Stop the press catch me with the heat or a vest
Smoke sometimes when I got shit to finnese
When I smoke weed, creatively then I'm the best
When I get hed first then I have a good sex
It's a cause and effect when you fuck with my set
Cause you do that, the effect you get wet!
Fuck around I have ya little team get blessed
Have ya whole little town, mournin off ya death
I make a quick phone call, call Rell and Stef
and them niggaz won't care where ya body is left
22 a just knock you up, and pop you up
67 a glock you up and rock you up
Stupid move now you know you done fucked up
fuckin with the wrong clique, nigga what
Thug niggaz, grimey and loud niggaz
Drunk fucked niggaz, wanna dump niggaz
Smoke skunk niggas, get krunk niggaz
Night niggaz, police straight and hype niggaz
Hit light niggaz easy to fight niggaz
Don't leave the club til it's daylight niggaz
Black puerto rican and even our white niggaz
Right niggaz flip coke with ice niggaz
Tight niggaz gangsta and trife niggaz
Street smart so I guess we bright niggaz

Chorus (repeat 2x)

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