What The Fuck Is Up? lyrics

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Album(s)Melvin Flynt - Da Hustler

Yo I be doin this shit, since a little juvenile
Niggas know my style hurt like it's root canal
It's like a little tooth, when it first grows in
It's like buyin a new car, and get towed in
I wrote Queens, who ever they are, U.S.A.
Niggas think I'm Mexican, they askin is you S.A.
I'm like Crome Parelli, ya first class, we coach shit
While ya factor be in, it's on some coke shit
Yo it's still high up on Washington Heights
They ain't got no elevators, gotta walk up flights
Aiyo the drug game is sour, plus it limited power
You hit the coke man, nigga like gimme an hour
Y'all I ball rough, like the Knicks against Utah
Aiyo I'm going subtile, tiger bone let the juice bar
Anticipated, aiyo have niggas hater rate it
It's thug shit, and that's the only rate, I rate it

Chorus 14X: Noreaga
Yo, What the fuck is up (Hey You!)

Yo, yo, aiyo lately, my gat been on safety
And I've been starvin for ass, even in scatekey
It check for I.D. and hit it like Muhammed Ali
Fly like a butterfly, you sing like a lullabye
You gotta rob, cuz this reach is steel
You on the S.O., I can hit a hundred and peel
Yo I keep navigation, yo you know the deal
That's the mininum, then you know a nigga minimize
Anything less than that is just uncivilized
For the youth I pop my chain, cuz it was thin
I had to put it back together with my safety pin
CNN once again, yo we do it again
While we never could lose, ya never could win
We on Hot 97, you ain't get no spin
I call you Benedict, yo kid cuz you've been a dick
Y'all niggas is crummy, y'all ain't even shit


Thugged out, Scarlett a set that ass up
Have you gassed up, like i'mma gone give ass up
Have my niggas come thru masked up, disturb ya nut
Leave you there, stuck and put 3 in ya gut
What nigga, I look good with a scar on my cheek
I'm thin from my hips to the prod of my feet
I see ya man peek, from the drug seat of the jeep
But I'm a straight thug bitch, you can't handle this
And If ya girl act up, I'mma smack that bitch
You should of let that broad now, that I'm scandalous
Fake playas, gettin hurt, then shit it don't play yaself
And ask me for the digits, ya need to quit it
And me and my girls, we all got the same face
If you ain't in the same level then stay in ya place
Wanna diss me, cuz I cut you down quickly
I'm Hillary to this shit, you still fuckin with Lewinsky


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