Mr. Too Damn Good lyrics

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Artist(s)Gerald Levert

Guess you never know a good thing
When it's right in your face
you've been abused for so long
Love gets tainted and it all seems the same
I guess it's unbelievable
Someone could love you like this
Well time ain't no object and money ain't a thing
When you have someone to ease the pain

Let me be the smile on your face
And be your stars and your moon
I wanna be your sunny day
Can I be your favorite tune?
I wanna be your breakfast in bed
And baby I'll be your fool
Mr. Too Damn Good To You

Yes sir, hmm
you've been hurt so many times
You don't when love's for real
So you don't open up
Or give in to love
Or express how you feel
But just like Sunday Morning
I take it easy
Girl I'm gonna wait
Cause love it just ain't right
Without you by my side
Baby you're my soul mate
Baby I'll open doors
Be there for you any time
Cause that's what your man's supposed to do
I wanna cook for you
I will spoil you
Girl my whole objective is to please you
I'll run your bubble bath
Make you laugh
Girl through thick and thin I got your back
I ain't gon be pressin' you or stressin' you to make love
We got so much time for that

Repeat 1

Baby, baby
I wanna be your shoulder when you need one to cry on
Hmm-hmm yeah
I wanna be your pillow when you need one to lie on, oh yeah
I wanna be the spot light that shines on ya
Girl I wanna write the girl is mine on ya, yes I am
I wanna be your thought in your daydreams
I wanna be your everything, your everything
(Mr. Too Damn Good To You)
I wanna be everything you ever thought you wanted
(Mr. Too Damn Good To You)
Ever needed baby, yeah
Girl I wanna shout about it
You wanna tell the world about it
(Mr. Too Damn Good To You)
And can't nobody else believe me
You¨ªll have everything you've needed, yeah, yeah
(Mr. Too Damn Good To You)
I'm gonna be so so good to you

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