Baby U Are lyrics

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Artist(s)Gerald Levert

Before you came around I asked myself
What is this thing called love
There were clouds, the rain kept pouring down
Then you brought the sun, yes you did
Showed me all the differences
Between a woman and a girl
Right then I knew I could be a good man
With you inside my world, my world, my world

I don't need to take a toke
Cuz I'm on a natural high
Everybody's blowing smoke
But girl you never lie
Friends say that we in a pinch
They're just hating their lies
I know they want what I got
It comes once in a lifetime, yeah

You're the reason why I sing
All of life's finer things
Like rainbows and shining stars
You're the reason why I sing
All of life's finer things
Like diamond rings and fancy cars
Baby you are

I was a bad seed
And you nourished me, encouraged me
'Till I grew tall as a tree, as a tree
You had patience to search
Find and bring out all the best in me, yes you did
You see things I couldn't see
My mental potential
Girl you showed me, yeah
Now it's a reality
And I promise for you I'm gonna be all that I can be

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

You are, you are, you are, you are
Baby you are, I mean it, I mean it babe
Baby you are, said you're number one in my book
And forever you got me hooked
Baby you are, you are, you are

Take it back girl, come on
Ooh who, ooh who
You're my shining star
Said baby, baby you are, you are, you are
Oh who, you're everything I need
Baby just stay here with me, you are

Repeat 2 until fade

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