Over Run lyrics

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Artist(s)The Go-go's

Over Run
Music by Jane, Lyrics by Belinda

Give us a night where there is no day
We don't want to see the sun
Give me more friends like the ones I have
So we can over run
...the city
...the state
...the country
...the world
...our time will come
Give us a way to change society
Individuality is not remorse
People need to be of a dffrent variety
...the city
...the state
...the country
...the world
...our time will come
Diffrence will not matter again
We will over take and decend
Laws of conformity
Laws of normalcy
Laws of government
Laws of practicality
Give us a certin place in time
Where passiveness is no more
We wll have the stateof mind
And we will over run
...the cities
...the states
...the countries
...the worlds
our time has come

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