Tonite lyrics

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Artist(s)The Go-go's
Album(s)Disc Two:

(C. Caffey/J. Wiedlin/P. Case)

The street lights are shining bright
The billboards are shedding their light
And my crowd's hanging around

There's a charge in the air
It's kind of electric out there
And we're all out on the town

Action - gonna track it down
Gonna turn some heads

There's nothing
There's no one
To stand in our way

Get dressed up
And messed up
Blow our cares away

Our mind's set on seeing
This night through 'til day
We rule the streets tonite
Until the morning (light)

The boulevard's crowded and loud
It's time for excitement right now
There's no better world to be found
If there was
We'd give it all for
For a lifetime like

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