Voices From Below lyrics

Rating: 3.05
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Album(s)Neverending Destiny

The past of a millioin generations is enclosed in my head
Ancestral life and future actions are not an unknown secret
That's why we've passed, the ultimate concentration
My life is now a dream and sometimes a nightmare
We'll have to try to find
The spirit who live in us
We must don
Ourselves in our spirits
Passing through possible futures
Past and present we mixing in my mind
I am the hunt us observer
Noone can escape from my sight
All centuries I've travelled through and all people I've met
All events of the human's story are seed of cosmic dust
Nightmare and pain, it's the VOICES FROM BELOW
Power and glory, it's the voices from beyond
You know I'm a mutant
Perhaps a man, perhaps a god
Intense experiences and pain
Have given me my power
I live in an ocean of thoughts
I'm the fish of destiny
But I'm completely unchained
By the moment of my despots
Repeat pre-chorus
Emerged from my imagination
Those scornful spirits
And men sqange intensions
Could destroy my life
Or control my brain
With their unknown forces
That you'll feel the pain
Enter in your corpse
Repeat chorus

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