Dark Power lyrics

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Album(s)Neverending Destiny

In a time when some men knew this power
Only those men realised their desires
by invoking those infernal ghosts
Infernal forces, you're going to be lost
Stolen by some angels and given to men
This mighty force is now invoking them to pray
Witches and wizzards haunt the world
and cast their spells
And the demons come from the deep abyss of hell
Suddendeath, sudden power, sudden impact
Witches and sorcerers you must sign the Satan's pact
To cleanse the witchery, the chains, the spells
The One leads you the rule of this power from hell
Beyond death, beyond the demon of the god
If you want to go further
You must use a strange tongue
Slaughtering babies it's a sacrifice to the sky
But the heretics must die and burn high
So read the book of hell
And you'll learn how to cast a spell
You'll control the DARK POWER
to realise your desires
Surely this unknown force can be controlled
Take care of you when you cast an evil curse
Cost the legions of hell can come back to destroy you

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