Brainstorm lyrics

Rating: 3.63
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Album(s)Neverending Destiny

They try to change your life
They turn you into a puppet
You want to run to midnight
They say, they move your fate
Sometimes they take all of what you've got
They tell you what to do
And you must swear the oath
They say it's for you
They say if you obey
Then you'll forget your sorrow
And you'll be a mighty man
And you'll know your destiny
To find your sanctuary
Where noone's got any sorrow
You've sworn the oath
You can't break it
They change your mind
They take your life
Tonight they know it's time to die
Prepare your knife
You've sworn the oath
Tonight you'll know your sanctuary
But tonight the blood flows free
Repeat chorus
Now it's time to remember
Of who has followed Jim Jones
Who made this slaughter
They're self-burning forever

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