Sunshine Superman lyrics

Rating: 2.75
Song Details
Artist(s)Alice Donut
Album(s)Donut Comes Alive

Every trick in the book now baby,
I'll use it on you.
I've got my devices darling,
my machinery too.
Lying on a parquet carpet,
on the 4th of July.
Finding things in physics books,
things to try.
Now I've made my mind up,
you're going to be mine.
I tell you right now.
Trying to finfd the yellow cab
where you lost your purse.
Trying to find some cabbage and celery and PAPRIKA.
Listening to Julio Iglesias,
in a hot air balloon.
I've got my devices,
my PAPRIKA too.
Now I've made my mind up.
Fry your little mind.
Take it.

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