Mad Dog lyrics

Rating: 3.13
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Album(s)Strength Of Steel

(Lips, Reiner, Allison, Dickson)
Well I don't care if I lose my hair
I don't care if you strip me bare
I don't care if you think I'm sick
I'm just a mad dog doin' my trick
'Cause I'm a mad dog
A mad bad dog
I'm just a mad dog
Chasing cars or burying my bone
I'm a stray looking for a home
On the corner just hanging around
I'm a depraved, deranged flea-bitten hound
-Chorus 2X-
Ain't hydrophobic
No need to run
I'm just a mad dog
Having fun
Looking for a bitch in heat
Begging for a doggy treat
You know my bark is worse than my bite
You'll hear me howling in the heat of the night
Feel my bite

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