Fire In The Night lyrics

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Album(s)Pound For Pound

(Lips, Reiner, Allison, Dickson)
Seeping gas from a broken line
Chokes the midnight air
Pilot light will ignite
So begins the reign of terror
Flashing fire blazing hot
Exploding flames did blow
Sleeping innocent unaware
Caught inside the inferno
On fire
Burning down
Fire in the night
Fire in the night
Fleeing fast from flickering flames
Escaping death and cremation
Fire fighters set to battle
To control the situation
Fire in the night
They watched their dreams go up in smoke
A lifetime's work laid waste
And all that once lay dear to them
In embers lay erased
In embers lay erased
Seeping gas from the broken line
Choked the midnight air
The pilot light that did ignite
Began the reign of terror
A castle that was once a home
Only ashes remain
Nothing left but memories
Just cinders down the drain
Fire in the night
Fire in the night

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