On The Way To Hell lyrics

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Album(s)Worth The Weight

(Lips, Reiner, Marino, Dickson)
When being bad is being good
Doing things just 'cause you could
Burning bridges to the ground
To ourselves our faith is bound
Hiding lies behind a book
All the meaning's been mistook
They'll never change you
They'll only blame you
On the way to hell
Never think twice what you do
Never thought it could be you
Who can change the tragic fate
Think again it's not too late
They'll never save you
They'll just betray you
On the way to hell
I never thought it could be this way
Hope our luck will turn
I never though when you did bad things
In the bowels of hell you'll burn
All we do is live from day to day
Hope one day we'll learn
Bad to worse the chance is thin
You go to hell when you live in sin
Now you know the chilling fact
When you go you won't come back
Laying dormant in the grave
Do you have a soul to save
They may deceive you
They won't believe you
On the way to hell
On the way to hell, hell
On the way to hell
Hell, hell
On the way to hell
On the way
On the way to hell

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