A.Z. #85 lyrics

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Album(s)Worth The Weight

(Lips, Reiner, Dickson, Marino)
Alfonse Capone
Godfather on a throne
A king of crime
A product of his time
A pimp before puberty
A menace to society
Bootlegging and bribery
Outrageous brutality
Prostitution and gambling
The Chicago mobster
Scarface was a monster
He got life in jail
With no set bail
Beat the rock
AZ 85
AZ 85
AZ 85
AZ 85
Alone in a cell
A self inflicted hell
Refusal of medicine
The nails for his coffin
In a Florida sun
Alfonse's life was done
He was a king of crime
Now he's done his time
AZ 85
AZ 85
AZ 85
AZ 85
AZ 85
AZ 85
Beat the rock
Close 85

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