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Phantasmagoria lyrics

Rating: 3.29
Song Details
Album(s)The Ethereal Mirror

Rowntree's Ad Lib into LSD.
Aah! Ooh!
Daylight crawling under your doorway,
a faint sliddering,
a forblooming,
a vision of nightmare,
shadows motioning,
let holler vengeance so aidless [aimless]
arrivings count ordained,
reflection frozen,
he smiles so darkless,
a brother discontained.
It's creeping closer,
it's here again!
[Write/rape] your [will/well] upon,
[I was fallen/all fours/all foller], yeah yeah,
[Walk me from this hall/Wake me from this horror]
to race you down the halls,
bleeding angels bleeding of heaven,
Wake in blood and see,
the tale [is/has] come to [come/crawl/call].
[Rotting shoulders (probably not)] loves a man holding,
a hunger for the play,
a real purple anguish at morning,
watching in the shade.
Eyes sunken, [real] lips mulching,
hunger trickeling,
into the gazeless yelly master,
wobbeling, jiggering.
Repeat Chorus
Spewling soft in [our/all]most sleep,
touching just to crave for me,
[seen/sereen] rotting in the face of day,
in [a pound of] flesh,
[it ends great],
I got his slab awake again!
Oh from the sky all my stars have fell,
and on my heart and soul it fell,
they rest in anguish, sorrow and woe,
into nothing so low.
[F...gma/stigma] is growing old,
welcome to meet droning stone,
alone we underword alone belongs too much.
(Here I go!)
(Oh so low!)
Roaming through this liquid maze,
sliggering past the ancient [ray],
to the stinking place, alarming phase,
jiggering master take me on my way,
armed with butterflies in this wriggeling haze,
beyond the gates Hell is [great]!
No phoney merchants their region sees,
to nothingness and never peace,
the blacks are dead, let's scream uproar!

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