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Utopian Blaster lyrics

Rating: 3.25
Song Details
Album(s)The Carnival Bizarre

(featuring Tony Iommi courtesy Black Sabbath)
Today the sun refused to shine
On this war infested land
Beyond our sky, the lord of life
Sending crossbones tumbling down
citadel on a travelling stone
Magic wisdom our only home
As flesh imposters fight the master
Of forces to them unkown yeah!
Blinded by the power
Life spell castor
Utopian blaster
Peace your master
Sculptured space in plastic hands
Evil empire of mankind
Blazing light from the sword of mars
Shall destroy this utopian farce
Giant mass of the children high
Sleeping on beds of air
Limitations we've unbound
Come and join us well take you there - yeah
Struck ever after
Lifespell castor
Utopian blaster
Peace your master now!
Legend of Earth after
Sleep in dusted grace
Time has ceased our fortune shall begin
Bathe in fountains of laughter
Clensed by endtime rapture
Embrace the final dawn
Fatal glow - sirens in the wind
Conquest oh we shall capture yeah!
We race upon the unicorn
To a land of towers green
While soldiers march into the void
Guided by mans funeral hand
Golden souls riding on the wind
From the path of nature sinned
Cosmic army military
Our weapons be only love - yeah
Struck by the power
Lifespell castor
Utopian blaster
Face your master now

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