Winterburn lyrics

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Album(s)I Bear The Burden Of Time

(Lyrics:Henrik Nygren)
Listen to the beauty of the demon
As he dances above the untamed sea
Watch the sky as it turns red
Shadow, shadow at the wall
Let the silence slowly fall, knee deep
In hatered
In the forest I stand
With my broken heart
Wolfs gather around me, now I'm helpless
Down comes the angel of sorrow
Smiling at me
I start to run blindly through the winter palace
He's the predator and I'm his prey
Ready to bleed to scream out my pain
But I will never regret that morning
When I raped the virgin of christ
I rape her soul from now on
And until heaven falls down
And exposes it's heart, eternal soulrape
Snow burns around me
I'm the witch never meant to live
I should have been licked by a thousand flames
But still I walk, burning the roses
Now it's close
This winter I will burn into ashes into love

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