On wings of sadness lyrics

Rating: 2.66
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Album(s)I Bear The Burden Of Time

(Lyrics:Henrik Nygren)
My life now ended, now when you have left me
My love you spread across the field of sadness
On rosen leafs you were buried
And so as to your eternal beauty
On wings of sadness you will travel
Against your eternal sleep
Humanity will pay the price for my remorse and pain
I will bring it to it's kees, slowly make it fade away
Slowly to be forgotten
This world all so wrong
I will burn it all down and watch it glow in the dark
I know I have done wrong, but so shall it be
Because my life were ended a long time ago
Now I walk across the astral sky
To find the hidden door so we can be united forever
At last I close my eyes to join the wind of passion
To feel my soul burn within myself

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