A last breath of the night lyrics

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Album(s)I Bear The Burden Of Time

(Lyrics:Mattias Holmgren)
A last breath of the night
And the sun shines over my land
The resting trees are soon awake
By the sound from the river
I am walking on clouds through a dream
Near my heart in chorus they scream
Where all the angels are statues
Demons incaged by time
Images of creatures with wings
My tears have carved deep in their stones:
Some day you may come back
Until then you must sleep and rest
The war will come but not yet
Upon a hill near the edge of this world
I gaze out over my kingdom and ocean
Blue water in harmony with the wind
Every wave will soon die
To never play their song upon the rocks again
In the water I saw my reflection
I was the hatred, sorrow and death
Confused by my visions I ran away
To my mountains above the clouds
Time drifted further away and that day came
War broke out in my kingdom
The demons gathered in chaos
And they fell to their knees before me
And the unmovable world cracked open
This is the last breath of the night
This is the last breath of love...

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