Dreams left behind lyrics

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Album(s)Dreams Left Behind

Did you see that storm coming
In an instant all was turned to chaos
With the wind I was brought away
Somewhere to a place you never could imagine
Where I woke up it was so cold
There was this castle with walls as high as the black skies
I didn?t know I had to pay
The price of my life
To see this beautiful sight
An invisible force made me burn within
The shadow king arose behind me
Walked around me with a smile
Cursed his name over and over again
Remained calm and gazed into his dark eyes
No one will speak of this place
Nor will anyone know of this place
You?re the last one ever to see me
Tears shrouded in my eyes
I knew not what I had done
Never had I hurt someone
In that instant my life changed forever
As the beast within me suddenly awoke
I scream your names
I walk your grounds
You will go down with me
This is my dream

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