Stop Crying lyrics

Rating: 1.20
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Album(s)Inside You

Behind this mirrorwall
Lurk something evil
I've touched it's nakedness
And keep seeing creatures of the dark
Tempting me rebirth
Promising eternal life
They call for me every night
Give me reasons to destroy myself
I really tried to avoid this
But now my prophecy is rewritten
Repeat 1:
Stop crying, you must face your destiny
Stop crying, when it's done one can't return
I stare into the wall
It's like a dream but now it's real
Strange shapes waves back to me
They want me to take part in their dance
With a hand araised infront of me
I'm entering the reflection
When I have reached the other side
They're not here, only me and the stars
And then again I hear the voices
You wanted eternal life
Repeat 2:
Repeat chorus:

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