Precious discovery lyrics

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There is something I have wanted to tell you
Though I'm afraid to let it fall into the wrong hands
An endless burden is upon my shoulders, it tears me apart
Hurry, I'm losing the words and the strength in my voice
Vers 1:
The last survivor from a parallell dimension
Chosen to prevail and remember what once was
All memories are at place but it's uncomfortable
To be so close an overfilled energy source
There is something I've discovered beyond the shining stars
Your wildest dream was never close to the beauty
-Is it as precious as our burning sun
-Sweet words from one we judged as a threat
Vers 2:
What about you, where will you turn
It was so easy to harm, but takes alot to repay
A touch of my fingertip can heal a withered flower
But your world I'm unable to recreate
Repeat Chorus:
There is something I have wanted to show you
Though I was afraid to see it fall into the wrong hands
But with the time it slipped away from my own…Why?
You wouldn't believe in my precious discovery…Why?

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