Would You Like A Snack? lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Frank Zappa
Album(s)200 Motels

Mark Volman (vocals)
Howard Kaylan (vocals)
Ian Underwood (keyboards, woodwinds)
Aynsley Dunbar (drums)
George Duke (keyboards, trombone)
Martin Lickert (bass)
Ruth Underwood (orchestra drum set)
Jim Pons (vocals)
Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan:
Went on the road
for a month touring.
What a drag...
You gotta go
even if you'd rather be at home.
Flaked out
in Hollywood.
drove to Inglewood and then we dumped
all our shit into the plane at five-O-three
( What's it gonna be? )
Mark Volman:
Chicken, beef or turkey?
Howard Kaylan:
La La La La
Mark Volman:
Would you like a snack?

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