A Deeper Kind Of Slumber lyrics

Rating: 2.97
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Album(s)A Deeper Kind of Slumber

(Music, Lyrics: Edlund)(5:47)
Robin goodfellow
Dianae, my muse
Morpheus in my heart
Your sand in my veins

It's a deeper kind of slumber

What is universe anyway
But a pouch of silver coins
The intense breathing
Of a dying animal
A foreboding of afterlife
Master keys in oaken chest
The somewhere is mine
And from there I'll continue
All I asked for was a little love

Meet me on the other side
Where as a rose I will wake
Though blind I'll follow
Every step you takeDianae, my muse
Dianae, my solitude

Cease to exist, rise to exist no more

It's a deeper kind of slumber

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